About Gravity Ballet

About Gravity Ballet

Gravity Ballet was founded on January 2nd, 2009, in Hong Kong by Taiwanese dancer Miss Eve Yu, a prominent member of the Taiwan national Chamber Ballet Dance Company. We are the first and foremost studio in Hong Kong specialising in the dance art of ballet specifically for adult learners.


The goal of Gravity Ballet is to supply its members with a complete and productive learning environment through good facilities and professional curriculum. We specialise in ballet courses for adults at all levels from complete beginners through to professional dancers including soft and pointe shoes training.


Since opening the door in 2009 we have already helped many passionate dancers achieve their goals in dance. Our members have passed exams, won competitions, and gained acceptance into international dance universities and colleges.


Whatever your goal in dance may be, Gravity Ballet can help you get there. Become a professional dancer for the stage, aspire to join a famous international dance school, enter and win dance competitions or enjoy dance as a passion and hobby it’s all here.


Passionate about dancing?


Join us at Gravity Ballet where you can achieve your dreams and make new friends with a like-minded passion for dance.

Gravity Ballet Awards and Achievements

  • <Palladio> won the Gold award in Challenge Cup Dance Competition ensemble category. The piece Choreography by Eve Yu.
  • <The Dispute > got Gold Award and Best Performance in The 49th Open Dance Contest. The piece was choreographed by Ms Eve Yu.
  • “Chinese Doll” a dance performed by Suey Lam Ching Shun and Ivana Wong won the Gold medal and best performance award in the Bauhinia Cup Junior Ballet Singles, Doubles and Triples competition.
  • got Gold Award for ATOD 2020(Asia Elite Dance Competition )
  • The 48th Open Dance Contest “Gold Award” in ballet teenage group.
  • <Crescendo> The 47th open dance contest “Gold Award” in ballet open group. The piece was Choreographed by Ms Eve Yu.
  • <Have a Whale of a time> The 47th open dance contest “Silver Award” in ballet teenage group. The piece was Choreographed by Ms Eve Yu.
  • <Moonlight> The 47th open dance contest “Bronze Award” in ballet open group. The piece was Choreographed by Ms Eve Yu.
  • <Crescendo>Received <The outstanding Ensemble / Troup Award in Ballet> and Gold Award from The Hong Kong Challenge Cup Dance Competition 2019.
  • AEDC (Asia Elite Dance Competition )
    Senior Ballet Ensemble Gold Award <Have a Whale of Time>
    Dancers: Ivana Wong and Suey Lem Choreography by Ms Eve Yu.
  • Senior Contemporary solo Silver <Deep End>
    Dancer: Ivana Wong.
    The piece was Choreographed by Ms Eve Yu. Junior Ballet solo Silver China category.
  • 第六屆挑戰盃芭蕾群舞金獎
  • 第四十六屆全港公開舞蹈比賽芭蕾舞金獎,並且受邀於頒獎典禮表演
  • The 6th Hong Kong Cup Competition Gold Award.

  • The 46th Open Dance Contest Gold Award.

  • 第五屆挑戰盃芭蕾裙舞銀獎
  • World Harp Congress
  • Hong Kong Creative Media Competition 2nd Prize
  • The 5th Hong Kong Challenge Cup Competition Silver Award.

  • World Harp Congress 2017 Hong Kong Creative Media Competition 2nd Prize.

  • <Ignite> 第四十四屆全港公開舞蹈比賽芭蕾公開組金獎、香港第四屆挑戰盃芭蕾組金獎
  • <漫舞之間> 第四十四屆全港公開舞蹈比賽芭蕾公開組銅獎、香港第四屆挑戰盃芭蕾組銀獎
  • <Wings of Passion> 香港第四屆挑戰盃芭蕾組銀獎
  • <在雨中> 第五十二屆舞蹈節中學組現代舞甲級獎.
  • <Spark> 第43屆全港公開舞蹈比賽芭蕾組銀獎.
  • <Spark> 第三屆挑戰盃芭蕾組銀獎.
  • 得到由香港舞林盛會暨香港挑戰盃舞蹈比賽頒發「Distinctive Teacher」.
  • <Dance Fantasia> 第43屆全港公開舞蹈比賽芭蕾組銀獎.
  • <Dream> 第五十一屆學校舞蹈節中學組現代舞甲級獎.
  • 第二屆挑戰盃芭蕾舞組銀獎、第六屆香江盃芭蕾舞組金獎、最佳編舞獎.
  • 第六屆香江盃芭蕾舞組金獎.
  • <變調的> 第42屆全港公開舞蹈比賽芭蕾舞組銀獎.
  • <花舞> 第42屆全港公開舞蹈比賽現代舞組銅獎.
  • <三人> 第一屆挑戰盃芭蕾舞組金獎.

Did not enter any competitions.

  • <嬉舞> 第40屆全港公開舞蹈比賽芭蕾舞組銅獎.
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