Love of My Life

Love of My Life is adapted from the oldest and most touching of love stories, Giselle.
Fast forward to modern times and we ask ourselves… is romance dead?

Not for our Giselle,
young and innocent,
a believer in true love,
a believer in destiny,
a believer that there is somebody for everybody.

And she found it, and how hard she fell…

The noble Albrecht, oh how in love with Giselle.

But can he resist?
The temptation?
The seductress?
Wildest desires,
come to life,
simple pleasures,
for his delight.

Anguish and heartbreak,
hatred and despair,
to perish for fate,
is love not fair?

When one day you wake from the dream,
did it happen or was it make-believe?
Are you who you are?
Or are you a dream?


The story of love Giselle did not want to tell.

A story that may hit too close to home.
A story in dance that you cannot ignore.

The 3rd edition from Artistic Director Miss Eve Yu and the Gravity Ballet dancers.
Gravity Ballet senior Miss Kammy Lau as Giselle and Hong Kong Ballets’ own Kyle Lim as Albrecht.
Introducing Ivana Wong as Young Giselle.

Dancing to the accompaniment of internationally acclaimed musicians:
Myroslav Mykhalevych on violin.
Arturo Irisarri on piano.

Love of My Life will prove to be a visual and auditory art feast.
A feast you cannot miss.


Tickets available through
Promo code GRAVITY19.

Enjoy the show!!!

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