Personal Training

Get one on one attention from your teacher and fast-track your skills to the next level.

No matter what kind of dance discipline you are in Ballet is the foundation of them all. Come to Gravity Ballet and get a little one on one training with our teachers and experience your progress skyrocket.

Please visit the fees and packages page for package prices or contact us any time.


There are many different reasons why adults from the age of 13 – 60+ join Ballet classes.

Some like to use the classes to keep fit, others to better their posture and body tone and others to gain elegance, grace and beauty.

The physical training focuses on the alignment of the chest, waist, hips, neck & head as well as the lines of the limbs. Practising with music helps us develop our sense of rhythm and tempo and also influences mobility with fluidity and grace.

With more time and training you can develop your body and skills so well to move into the more complicated elements of the Ballet dance including jumps, turns and Pointe Shoes dance.


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