Beginners 1

Beginners 1

The Gravity Ballet Beginners 1 class is an entry level program suitable for any age and gender. 


The Barre is one of the most important pieces of equipment for the development of a ballet dancer.


As a total beginner to ballet, you will spend most of your time at the Barre while you progress through learning and perfecting the fundamental foundations of ballet on which you will build yourself into a beautiful and elegant dancer.


With two hands on the Barre and facing the mirror,  your instructor will help you understand how to engage the right muscles to form a strong and stable ballet posture.  You will gain understanding of the proper use of your feet,  engaging your glutes and core to help alignment of the hips, up through your back to the shoulders,  neck, and even head position, to form a proper ballet posture.


As a first time ballet dancer, you will learn the 5 base foundation positions,  aptly named 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th positions, which focus on feet, leg,  and arm alignment that you will use throughout your ballet journey.


You will also learn other fundamental movements such as:


Plie – meaning to bend,  is a squat-like movement fundamental to many advanced movements such as turns and jumps.


Relevé – to raise up. Also a fundamental movement that helps build a dancer towards more advanced movements and even eventually to being “en pointe”, the classic image of ballerinas dancing on the tips of their toes.


Développé – a development.  Another of the classic images of ballet where the dancer will lift their leg high into the air.


In conjunction with all this, the new dancer will also come to understand the terminology of ballet as traditionally conversed in their original French form as well as their meanings in English and Chinese, and how to understand tempo so you can dance in timing with the music and with your fellow dancers.


Welcome to Gravity Ballet for your first experience in dance in our open and friendly learning environment. 

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